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Rutshelle Guillaume proudly holds the title of the top female vocalist in the country of Haiti. Her music is widely spread all around the Caribbean and French based communities including France, Canada, and Africa. Rutshelle began to develop her passion for music at the age of 19. Her memorizing vocal capabilities gave Rutshelle the foundation to exploit her talents while collaborating with fellow world renowned artists such as Emeline Michel, Phyllisia Ross, Dj Jackson, Anthony Drew from Martinique Guadeloupe and Riley Bob from the Ivery Coast. Those international features sky rocketed Rutshelle’s career now giving her the title as the one of the most highly anticipated female vocalist from Haiti.

Rutshelle has composed dozens of songs and singles. Rutshelle has released two albums during her career. Her debut album “EMOTIONS” released in 2014 was Rutshelle’s big break to the world.


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